wazifa for making someone love you

strongest powerful wazifa for jobs

wazifa for making someone love you.; Whoever (7) Murtaba daily will read the “Surah Maryam” of the Qur’an, he will give himself the opportunity of Allah’s peace, a person has been working in a place read (3) day, requesting all the Jabales people to “Surah Maryam” (7) By reading daily and praying for Allah’s sake from Pakistan, Insha Allah will be your duaah.

Wazifa For Love between Husband & Wife:

If there is no reason to believe in husband and wife, and if love is decreasing, then if you are growing alive, then write this talisman to be hanged on a tree (tree), Inshaallah will be such love in husband and wife sometime Everyone is surprised to see that this act is for justified love in husband and wife.

Wazifa To Increase Your Rizq:

After the prayer of the person Fasar or Isha, “or Latif” after reading (119) Martha and then (119) Murtaba this verse referenced by Karim ان اللہ ھوالرزاق ذو القوۃ المتین, read the top and finally Murtaba Rawood Sharif, Rishq’s furnishings with the Insha Allah gaib Will be born

Wazifa har Bemari and Museebat key Dafa key liay:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أمن يجيب المضطر إذا دعاه ويكشف السوء
For every trouble, for this disease, the verse of Karim (125000) as the best read mujarab amal o, the problem will get passed soon and the patient will get very soon if the death is a mukadadar, Khatima will be bill-kher and death will be easy (5, 7, 9, 11) Man can also read and complete the study of Husb-e-Taufiq Metha, and if someone goes to a patient, keeping his head on the head (11) Martha Read Schiff Find out, implement the extent (3) days.

Wazifa For Ita’at Waliden ya AAqa:

وإذ أخذنا من النبيين ميثاقهم ومنك ومن نوح وإبراهيم وموسى وعيسى ابن مريم وأخذنا منهم ميثاقا غليظا (7) ليسأل الصادقين عن صدقهم وأعد للكافرين عذابا أليما (8)

If someone’s son or servant misbehaves, then he will run away and if he does not do the duty of Waalididah or Aakha, then if you do not want to do it, then this rectangle (313) Feeding of tax or feeding something or doing something like a dam, or writing it in the throats is a very good thing to read; (11×11) Week “of course.

Powerful wazifa for pain in head:

يسبح لله ما في السماوات وما في الأرض له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير

If a person is not a human being, then that person should keep his head after his prayer and after doing his head with his hands (7×7), then read this rectangle and pray to Dam, InshaAllah would never be like a hood, or the eyes were hurt.

Wazifa Noori Mokelat sey kam lena:

Nouri Mokelat is easy and easy to work with. Hey every day, every day, in every moon day Allah will give the solution to your own fate. It is the way it is nochandi jumarat after namaz ishaqisi such jagah 2) blood namaz nafal slot After that, (4444) read the “Gaya or Alah” read (3) till the day, be sure to follow the implications of Insha Alla whoever will be Jayesh Murad, who will be absolutely sure.

Most Effective Wazifa For Marriage & Love Marriage:

“یا بدیع العجائب باالخیر یا بدیع یا رب اسرافیل”

Whoever chooses marriage at some place and does not have a relationship with a woman or is not married at all, there is marriage probables, if someone imposes restriction or not, then you should read this viziera and see the effect of it with your eyes in the moon day Take it, Wazefah, read it (1200) by Roshan (1200) for this. It is possible to bow to the heart while reading the Wife.


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